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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

JRL101Media & Society
JRL119Reed College MDS Orientation
JRL191First Year Seminar
JRL210Visual Journalism/New Media
JRL215Media Writing
JRL220Introduction Photojournalism
JRL225Media Tools & Applications
JRL237Adobe Video Editing
JRL238Broadcasting Voice Performance
JRL240Immersive Storytelling: AR/VR
JRL318Beat Reporting
JRL319Editing and Curation
JRL322Gaming Design/Digital Narrativ
JRL330SAM Writing
JRL335Video and Audio News Writing
JRL341Data and Design
JRL361Media Relations In Sport
JRL386Beginning Video Reporting
JRL412Sport Journalism
JRL419Entertainment Reporting
JRL426Investigative Reporting
JRL428Media Ethics and Law
JRL430Social Media/Journalism
JRL431Multimedia Storytelling
JRL432Social Media Strategy
JRL433Social Media Applications
JRL434Social Media Campaigns
JRL450Writing for Health Promotion
JRL452Applied Health Promotion
JRL454Health Promotion Campaigns
JRL459Multimedia News Publication
JRL487Adv Video Reporting/Producing
JRL488Video Editing
JRL490Teaching Practicum
JRL491Professional Field Experience
JRL493HSPTP: Digital Oral History
JRL493NSPTP:NonFiction Storytelling
JRL493SSPTP: 100 Days Digital Pub
JRL495Independent Study
JRL496Senior Thesis
JRL500Intro to Graduate Studies
JRL504Mass Media and Society
JRL528Media Ethics and Law
JRL559Multimedia News Publication
JRL587Adv Video Reporting/Producing
JRL593CSPTP: Nonfiction Storytelling
JRL595Independent Study
JRL600Intro to Graduate Studies
JRL604Mass Media and Society
JRL690Teaching Practicum
JRL695Independent Study
JRL699Graduate Colloquium

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