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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PSYC101Introduction to Psychology
PSYC191First Year Seminar
PSYC203Research Methods & Analysis 1
PSYC204Research Methods & Analysis 2
PSYC232Sex Roles and Behavior
PSYC234Drugs and Behavior
PSYC241Intro to Human Development
PSYC251Intro to Social Psychology
PSYC281Intro to Abnormal Psychology
PSYC301Biological Foundatns Behavior
PSYC302Behavior Principles
PSYC304Critical Thinking/Psychology
PSYC315Professional Development
PSYC332Multiculturalism in Psychology
PSYC341Child Development
PSYC343Child/Adolescent Development
PSYC345Adulthood and Aging
PSYC362Psychological Assessment
PSYC364Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC367Intro Clin Psyc
PSYC368Ethics/Pract Behavior Analysis
PSYC370Emotions and Mood
PSYC382Exceptional Children
PSYC423Cognition and Memory
PSYC426Physiological Psychology
PSYC427Psychobiology of Sleep
PSYC490Teaching Practicum
PSYC490ATeaching Practicum: Capstone
PSYC491Professional Field Experience
PSYC491AProf Field Experience:Capstone
PSYC495Independent Study
PSYC495AIndependent Study: Capstone
PSYC511Resrch Design/Data Analysis 1
PSYC531Experimental Analysis of Beh
PSYC532Human Behavior
PSYC543Adolescent/Young Adult Dvlpmnt
PSYC544Adult Development and Aging
PSYC593ASPTP: Social Cognition
PSYC601Prof Issues Behavior Analysis
PSYC602Prof Issues Develpmntl Psych
PSYC603Prof Issues Clinical Psycholgy
PSYC606Seminar on Teaching Psych
PSYC608Prof Issues Behvrl Neuroscienc
PSYC612Multivariate Analysis
PSYC630Behavior Analysis Practicum
PSYC651Behavior Pathology
PSYC652Clinical Interviewing
PSYC653Behavioral & Psyc Assessment 1
PSYC660Clinical Psychology Practicum
PSYC670Clinical Child Psyc Practicum
PSYC693ASPTP: Neuroplasticity
PSYC701Adv Professional Issues Psych
PSYC722Biological Aspects of Behavior
PSYC725Social Psychology
PSYC730Adv Behavior Analysis Practicm
PSYC750Clinical Internship
PSYC755Sem:Clinical Supervision
PSYC762Seminar in Clinical Psychology
PSYC790Teaching Practicum
PSYC795Independent Study

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