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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHIL1204Knowledge and Reality
PHIL1304Morality and Justice
PHIL1504Language and Logic
PHIL2116Ancient/Medieval Philosophy
PHIL2126History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL2304Global Ethics
PHIL2606Reason and Revolution
PHIL2894Intro Philosophy Politics Econ
PHIL2964Field Study
PHIL2974Independent Study
PHIL2974HIndependent Study
PHIL3015Political Theory
PHIL3016Political Theory
PHIL3024Topics Philosophical Movements
PHIL3324Biomedical Ethics
PHIL3334Ethics & Artific Intell
PHIL3505Modern Logic & Dev
PHIL4014Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL4204Philosophy of Mind
PHIL4604Philosophy of Biology
PHIL4884Adv Philosophy Politics Econ
PHIL4974Independent Study
PHIL4974HIndependent Study
PHIL4994Undergraduate Research
PHIL4994HUndergraduate Research
PHIL5204GIntermediate Phil of Mind
PHIL5305Phil Mod Sci & Tech
PHIL5506Symbolic Logic
PHIL5604GIntermediate Phil of Biology
PHIL5904Project And Report
PHIL5974Independent Study
PHIL5994Research and Thesis
PHIL6014Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL6334Adv Top Phil Sci

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