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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

A&VS150Intro to Animal Science
A&VS251Principles of Animal Science
A&VS276Service Dog Training
A&VS277Service Dog Laboratory
A&VS282Equine Handling & Training
A&VS330Equine Facility Design & Manag
A&VS343Equine Hoof and Limb
A&VS370Riding Theory and Techniques
A&VS402Values and Ethics
A&VS410Calving Management
A&VS411Dairy Heifer Management
A&VS412Lambing Management
A&VS426Princ of Thera Horsemanship 2
A&VS476Animal Assisted Act. & Therapy
A&VS480Asgn Tp:Issues Animal Science
A&VS481Volunteerism for EAAT
A&VS482Practicum EAAT Instruct Cert
A&VS486Advanced Service Dog Training
A&VS490Teaching Practicum
A&VS491Professional Field Experience
A&VS495Independent Study
A&VS496Senior Thesis:Capstone
A&VS595Independent Study
A&VS690Teaching Practicum
A&VS696Graduate Seminar
A&VS699Graduate Colloquium

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