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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ANT2000Introduction to Anthropology
ANT2410Cultural Anthropology
ANT2511Biological Anthropology
ANT2511LBiological Anthropology Lab
ANT2721Anthro Urban Education
ANT3005Anthropological Perspective
ANT3610Linguistic Anthropology
ANT4034Theories of Culture
ANT4178Hist & Arch of African Diaspor
ANT4241Anthropology of Religion
ANT4243Middle East and North Africa
ANT4302Gender Cross Cultural Perspect
ANT4390Visual Anthropology
ANT4403Environmental Anthropology
ANT4495Methods in Cultural Research
ANT4520CForensic Anthropology
ANT4525Human Osteology/Osteometry
ANT4532Infectious/Contagious Diseases
ANT4901Directed Reading
ANT4905Individual Research
ANT4930Ancient Cities & Sustain
ANT4930Conflict Violence & Peace
ANT4930Cultural Resource Mgmt
ANT4930Forensic Ant & Cold Case Mthds
ANT4930Forensic Science
ANT4930Res Phy Pt Interaction
ANT4930Sex, Money, Power
ANT4930Southeastern U.S. Archaeology
ANT4930Spirits and the Paranormal
ANT4970Honors Thesis

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