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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

APSC1454Intro Animal & Poultry Science
APSC1464Animal & Poultry Science Lab
APSC2004Animal & Poultry Sci Seminar
APSC2104Poultry Laboratory
APSC2114Livestock Mgt and Handling
APSC2124Horse Management Laboratory
APSC2164Comp/Lab Anim Care & Handling
APSC2424Introduction Equine Industry
APSC2464Intro Companion Animals
APSC2524Intermediate Equitation
APSC2624Beginning Jumping
APSC2964Field Study
APSC2974Independent Study
APSC3134Animal Ag and the Environment
APSC3254Animal Products
APSC3334Animal Welfare and Bioethics
APSC3514Animal Growth, Dev & Eval
APSC3524Intermediate Jumping
APSC3624Advanced Jumping
APSC3954Study Abroad
APSC4004Contemporary Issues in APSC
APSC4224Equine Exercise Physiology
APSC4424Horse Production & Management
APSC4444Swine Production
APSC4464Comp/Lab Anim Health & Mgt
APSC4554Adv Livestock Enterprise Mgmt
APSC4964Field Study
APSC4974Independent Study
APSC4994Undergraduate Research
APSC5004Graduate Seminar
APSC5404Reprod Technologies in Cattle
APSC5894Final Examination
APSC5904Project and Report
APSC5974Independent Study
APSC5994Research and Thesis
APSC7994Research and Dissertation

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