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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AREC326Intermediate Applied Microeconomics
AREC345Global Poverty and Economic Development
AREC360Global Agriculture: Developing Extension Education & Agriculture Technologies in Africa
AREC365World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies
AREC386Experiential Learning
AREC388Honors Thesis Research
AREC399Special Problems
AREC405Economics of Production
AREC422Econometric Applications in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
AREC435Commodity Futures and Options
AREC454The Economics of Climate Change
AREC456Energy and Environmental Economics
AREC481Environmental Economics
AREC610Microeconomic Applications in Agricultural and Resource Markets
AREC624Applied Econometrics II
AREC699Special Problems in Agricultural and Resource Economics
AREC783Environmental Taxation and Regulation
AREC784Energy Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, and Public Policy
AREC799Master's Thesis Research
AREC815Experimental and Behavioral Economics
AREC898Pre-Candidacy Research
AREC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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