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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ART102Non Major Ceramics
ART103Materials and Procedures
ART109Basic Drawing 1 for Non Majors
ART111Drawing 1
ART112Drawing 2
ART121Visual Foundations 1
ART122Visual Foundations 2
ART191First Year Seminar
ART211Figure Drawing
ART212Multi Media
ART213Painting 1
ART214Painting 2
ART223Introduction to Graphic Design
ART224Graphic Design 2
ART226Introduction to Sculpture
ART230Printmaking Intaglio/Relief
ART231Printmaking Lithography
ART234Digital Photography
ART265Art Education:Elementary
ART270Introductn Electronic Media 1
ART272Designing for Multimedia
ART273Beginning 3D Animation
ART313Painting 3
ART315Arts Administration
ART323Graphic Design 3
ART324Graphic Design 4
ART328Advanced Typography
ART333Alternative Photography
ART335Advanced Photography
ART341Ceramic Production Methods
ART365Pre Student Teaching
ART370Intermediate Electronic Media
ART372Interactive Design
ART380Art and Environment
ART413Senior Projects in Painting
ART425Graphic Design:Senior Project
ART426Senior Projects in Sculpture
ART430Senior Projects in Printmaking
ART435Senior Projects in Photography
ART440Senior Projects in Ceramics
ART444Promoting the Arts and Culture
ART470Senior Projects in Intermedia
ART491AProf Fld Expr:Graphics
ART491BProf Field Experience:Art
ART491DProf Field Expr:Art Education
ART493BSPTP: Method Kiln Ceramic
ART493LSPTP: Art Ed Methods
ART493MSPTP: Art Ed Theory
ART495Independent Study:Studio Art
ART495AIndpendent Study:Apprentice
ART495EIndependent Study:Ceramics
ART495FIndependent Stdy:Digital Media
ART495GIndependent Study:Graphic Dsgn
ART495IIndependent Study:Photography
ART495JIndependent Study:Printmaking
ART513Graduate Painting
ART515Arts Administration
ART523Graduate Graphic Design
ART524Grad Graphic Design/Prof Pract
ART526Graduate Sculpture
ART530Graduate Printmaking
ART532Graduate Photography
ART534Alternative Media
ART540Graduate Ceramics
ART565Graduate Studies:Art Education
ART580Art and Environment
ART593CSPTP: Method Kiln Ceramic
ART593ISPTP: Intro Art Therapy
ART595Independent Study:Grad Studio
ART600Graduate Exhibition and Thesis
ART602Master's in Art Ed Project
ART611Theory of Art Ed & Art Therapy
ART612Art Methods/Mat for Spec Pop
ART691Advanced Topics
ART696Graduate Seminar

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