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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

C&I230Math for Elem Teachers 1
C&I365Dance/Movement PK 12 Schools
C&I393ASPTP:Health for Elem Teachers
C&I410Early Childhood Education 1
C&I411Early Childhood Education 2
C&I414Creative Expernc Early Childhd
C&I424Approaches to Teaching Lang
C&I434Teaching Math Secondary School
C&I444Teach Science Secondary School
C&I453FNDN Social Studies Teaching
C&I490Teaching Practicum
C&I495Independent Study
C&I585Student Teaching Secondary Ed
C&I588Professional Field Experience
C&I602Curriculum/Teaching Principles
C&I631Mathematics Elementary School
C&I640Science In Elementary School
C&I644Science Secondary School
C&I648Science/Tech:Soc Perspectives
C&I650Social Studies Elementary Schl
C&I654Social Studies Secondary Schl
C&I680Tech Intgrtn Capstone Exper
C&I687Advanced Teaching Strategies
C&I688Classroom Organization & Mang
C&I689Cultural Diversity Classroom
C&I693CSPTP: Research on Practice
C&I693ISPTP: STEM Applications in PBI
C&I757Social Studies Curr Devlp K 12
C&I789Teaching In Higher Education
C&I790Teaching Practicum
C&I930PRDV:Focus on Quality Instruct

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