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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

C&I231Math for Elem Teachers 2
C&I324Teaching Lang Arts:Sec School
C&I393ASPTP:Health for Elem Teachers
C&I410Early Childhood Education 1
C&I411Early Childhood Education 2
C&I414Creative Expernc Early Childhd
C&I425Approaches to Teaching Reading
C&I426Teach Rational Num/Prop:K 9
C&I432Curriculum and Technology Math
C&I491Prof Fld Expr:Student Teaching
C&I493ASPTP: Teaching Engl Lang Lrnrs
C&I495Independent Study
C&I584Studnt Tchng Elem/Erly Chldhd
C&I585Student Teaching Secondary Ed
C&I588Professional Field Experience
C&I602Curriculum/Teaching Principles
C&I604School Curriculum
C&I60521st Century Teaching/Learning
C&I631Mathematics Elementary School
C&I643Brain Based Teaching/Learning
C&I649History/Philosophy of Science
C&I656Challenges in Teaching History
C&I680Tech Intgrtn Capstone Exper
C&I687Advanced Teaching Strategies
C&I688Classroom Organization & Mang
C&I689Cultural Diversity Classroom
C&I693DSPTP: Rsrch Sem: K12 Engg Educ
C&I693KSPTP:Phenomenological Research
C&I693MSPTP: Reflection on Practice
C&I695Independent Study
C&I707Theories/Models/Research Tch
C&I757Social Studies Curr Devlp K 12
C&I790Teaching Practicum
C&I795Independent Study
C&I930PRDV: Building Leadership
C&I930PRDV: Technology Analysis

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