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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHE202Material & Energy Balances 2
CHE212Energy Balances
CHE230Numerical Methods for CHE
CHE312Separation Processes
CHE315CHE Transport Analysis
CHE317Transport Operations 2
CHE318Particle Processing Operations
CHE325Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE327Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHE350Chemical Engineerng Laboratory
CHE355Process Simulation and Design
CHE358Design Laboratory 2
CHE393BSPTP: Gas & Oil Refining Pro
CHE451Unit Operations Laboratory 2
CHE456Chemical Process Design 2
CHE458Design Laboratory 4
CHE461Polymer Science & Engineering
CHE466Electronic Material Processing
CHE475Chemical Process Safety
CHE493BSPTP: Review for FE ChE Exam
CHE495Independent Study
CHE496Senior Thesis
CHE531Mathematical Methods in CHE
CHE566Electronic Material Processing
CHE593DSPTP: Gas & Oil Refining Pro
CHE625Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE693ASPTP: Advanced Optimization
CHE695Independent Study
CHE716Advanced Fluid Dynamics
CHE790Teaching Practicum
CHE796Graduate Seminar

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