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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COMM1004First-Semester Experience COMM
COMM1014Introduction to Communication
COMM1016Communication Skills
COMM2004Public Speaking
COMM2024Media Writing
COMM2034Visual Media
COMM2044Principles of Public Relations
COMM2064The Rhetorical Tradition
COMM2074Introduction to Sports Media
COMM2084Media and Society
COMM2124Intro Comm Research
COMM2964Field Study
COMM2974HIndependent Study
COMM3014Public Relations Cases
COMM3044Oral Comm Center Practicum
COMM3084Advanced PR Research Methods
COMM3124Interpersonal Communication
COMM3144Writing and Editing for PR
COMM3154Multimedia Reporting
COMM3174Advanced Multimedia Reporting
COMM3214Professional Communication
COMM3254Media and Politics
COMM3264Communication and Gender
COMM3274Games, Sims, & Virtual Envs
COMM3304Topics in Sports Communication
COMM3314Sports Journalism
COMM3954Study Abroad
COMM4014Media Effects
COMM4024Communication Law
COMM4064Social Media Analytics
COMM4094Broadcast Management
COMM4144Magazine Writing
COMM4154Digital Newsroom
COMM4174Digital Advocacy Campaigns
COMM4204Communication Internship
COMM4264Social Media Theory & Practice
COMM4274Broadcasting Performance
COMM4304Public Relations Campaigns
COMM4324Issues in Health Communication
COMM4334Communication Ethics
COMM4364Issue Mgt in PR
COMM4374New Communications Technology
COMM4964Field Study
COMM4974Independent Study
COMM4994Undergraduate Research
COMM5034Teaching Practicum
COMM5444New Communication Technology
COMM5534Crisis and Issue Management
COMM5594Topics Strategic Communication
COMM5894Final Examination
COMM5904Project and Report
COMM5974Independent Study
COMM5994Research and Thesis

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