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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

COSD225Communication Processes, Development, and Disorders
COSD323Speech Science
COSD330Introduction to Audiology
COSD401Neuroanatomy in Communication Disorders
COSD403Public School Methods in a Diverse Society
COSD425Later Language Development
COSD455Speech Language Disorders: Intervention Methods and Application
COSD459Introduction to Articulation and Phonology
COSD498Exploratory Study: Relationship between Poverty and Language Development
COSD498IS: Incorporating Service Projects to Enhance Academic Services
COSD601Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders
COSD608Motor Speech Disorders
COSD610Pediatric and Adult Dysphagia
COSD616Augmentative and Alternative Communication
COSD640Advanced Practicum in Speech Language Hearing

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