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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CRJU100Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU210Juvenile Justice
CRJU233Courts and the Criminal Process
CRJU235Police and Society
CRJU311Crime Analysis Data and Technology
CRJU315Constitutional Rights and the Criminally Accused
CRJU320Criminal Investigative Theory
CRJU360Criminal Law and Evidence
CRJU365Diversity Issues in the Criminal Justice System
CRJU370Crime and Criminal Behavior
CRJU382Wildlife Crime and Conservation Law Enforcement
CRJU385Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CRJU412Security Administration and Crime Prevention
CRJU415Emergency Management
CRJU439Community Based Corrections
CRJU481Forensic Law
CRJU484Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJU490Moot Court
CRJU490Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Methods
CRJU490Serial Murder
CRJU490Wrongful Convictions
CRJU491Arson Investigation
CRJU491Crime Scene Technology
CRJU495Critical Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRJU498IS: Drug Courts
CRJU498IS: Emergency Exercise Planning
CRJU498IS: MI Juvenile Probationers
CRJU635Foundations of Law Enforcement
CRJU670Criminal Justice Research Methods
CRJU673Crime Mapping
CRJU675Studies in Criminological Theory
CRJU676Environmental Criminology
CRJU684Criminal Justice Graduate Internship
CRJU698DS: Evaluation of Conservation Officer's Job Satisfaction
CRJU698DS: Studying Crime Problems
CRJU699Research and Thesis

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