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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CS101Intro Computer Applications
CS110Introduction Computer Science
CS111Introduction Data Structures
CS121Computer Science
CS122Computer Science 2
CS210File and Data Structures
CS220Discrete Mathematics
CS221Analysis of Algorithms
CS222Intro Software Engineering
CS230Intro to Software Engineering
CS293BSPTP:Intro to Python Prgraming
CS310Principle Programming Language
CS324Database Management
CS350Computer System Concepts
CS355Computer Concepts
CS410Compiler Construction
CS420Design of Algorithms
CS430Advanced Software Engineering
CS440Database Design and Theory
CS450Operating Systems Structure
CS456Digital Image Processing
CS465Intro to Cybersecurity
CS472Artificial Intelligence
CS475Game Development
CS479Advanced CS Math
CS480Senior Design
CS481Senior Project
CS490Teaching Practicum
CS491Professional Field Experience
CS493ASPTP: Practicing Cybersecurity
CS495Independent Study
CS510Formal Specification Language
CS525Computational Complexity
CS533Developing Portable Software
CS595Independent Study
CS623String Algorithms
CS677Pattern Recognition
CS678Computer Vision
CS689Graduate Internship
CS695Independent Study
CS791AADTP: Integer Programming
CS795Independent Study
CS796Graduate Seminar

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