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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CS101Intro Computer Applications
CS110Introduction Computer Science
CS111Introduction Data Structures
CS112Computer Science Engineers 1
CS121Computer Science
CS122Computer Science 2
CS201Data Structures
CS210File and Data Structures
CS220Discrete Mathematics
CS221Analysis of Algorithms
CS230Intro to Software Engineering
CS231Intro to Computer Organization
CS265C Programmng
CS293BSPTP: Intro to Python
CS310Principle Programming Language
CS321Introduction to Networking
CS350Computer System Concepts
CS365Computer Languages
CS410Compiler Construction
CS422Automata Theory
CS450Operating Systems Structure
CS453Data/Cmptr Communications
CS455Computer Architecture
CS470Introduction:Computer Graphics
CS472Artificial Intelligence
CS480Senior Design
CS481Senior Project
CS490Teaching Practicum
CS491Professional Field Experience
CS493DSPTP:Intro to Machine Learning
CS493FSPTP: Host Based Cyber Defense
CS495Independent Study
CS520Advanced Analysis Algorithms
CS568Computer Network Forensics
CS572Adv Artificl Intelligence Tech
CS591BADTP: 3D Computer Vision
CS591CADTP: Social Computing
CS591LADTP: Security & Big Data
CS674Computational Photography
CS796Graduate Seminar

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