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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ECE1004Introduction to ECE Concepts
ECE1574Engr Problem Solving with C++
ECE2004Electric Circuit Analysis
ECE2014Engr Professionalism ECE
ECE2054Applied Electrical Theory
ECE2074Electric Circuit Analysis Lab
ECE2164Exploration of Space
ECE2274Elctrnc Netwks Lab I
ECE2500Computer Org & Architecture
ECE2504Intro Computer Engr
ECE2524Intro to Unix for Engineers
ECE2534Microcontroller Interfacing
ECE2574Data Structures and Algorithms
ECE2704Signals and Systems
ECE2974Independent Study
ECE3054Electrical Theory
ECE3104Intro to Space Systems
ECE3105Electromagnetic Fields
ECE3106Electromagnetic Fields
ECE3134Intro to Optoelectronics
ECE3154Space Systems - Design
ECE3174Optoelectronics Laboratory
ECE3204Analog Electronics
ECE3214Semiconductor Device Fund
ECE3254Industrial Electronics
ECE3274Elctrnc Circuits Lab II
ECE3304Introduction to Power Systems
ECE3354Power Laboratory
ECE3544Digital Design I
ECE3574Applied Software Design
ECE3604Intro to RF & Microwave Eng
ECE3614Intro Comm Systems
ECE3704Cont and Disc Systems
ECE3714Intro to Control Systems
ECE4124Radio Wave Propagation
ECE4206Electronic Circuit Design
ECE4304Design in Power Engineering
ECE4354Power System Protection
ECE4364Alternate Energy Systems
ECE4424Machine Learning
ECE4514Digital Design II
ECE4524Artif Intellig and Engr Appl
ECE4534Embedded System Design
ECE4550Real-Time Systems
ECE4560Comp and Net Security Fund
ECE4564Network Application Design
ECE4580Digital Image Processing
ECE4584Robotics Laboratory
ECE4614Telecommunication Networks
ECE4644Satellite Communications
ECE4704Principles of Robotics Systems
ECE4805Senior Design Project
ECE4806Senior Design Project
ECE4944Cybersecurity Seminar
ECE4974Independent Study
ECE4994Undergraduate Research
ECE5106Electromagnetic Waves
ECE5205Basic Semiconductor Devices
ECE5234EMI Noise Reduction
ECE5244Advanced Power Conversion Tech
ECE5274Mod & Cont 3-PH PWM Converters
ECE5374GAdv Alternate Energy Systems
ECE5424GAdvanced Machine Learning
ECE5434Cyber-Physical Systems
ECE5454Optimization Techniques - ECE
ECE5480Cybersecurity and the IoT
ECE5484Fundamentals Computer Systems
ECE5486Networks and Protocols
ECE5504Computer Architecture
ECE5506Testing & Verif Digit Systems
ECE5514Design of Systems on a Chip
ECE5534Electronic Design Automation
ECE5545Advanced VLSI Design
ECE5550GAdvanced Real-Time Systems
ECE5560Fundamentals of Info Security
ECE5566Network Arch and Protocols
ECE5580Cryptopgraphic Engineering
ECE5590System and Software Security
ECE5606Stochastic Signals and Systems
ECE5620Advanced DSP and Filter Design
ECE5634Information Theory
ECE5654Dig Comm Adv Theory & Analy
ECE5664Cellular Communication Systems
ECE5704Robotics and Automation
ECE5764Applied Linear Control
ECE5894Final Examination
ECE5904Project and Report
ECE5974Independent Study
ECE5994Research and Thesis
ECE6174Computational Plasma Dynamics
ECE6334Comp Methods in Power
ECE6504Cyber-physical Syst Securitty
ECE6744Linear Control Theory
ECE6774Adaptive Control Systems
ECE7994Research and Dissertation

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