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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGL101Academic Writing
ENGL101HAcademic Writing
ENGL101SAcademic Writing
ENGL101XAcademic Writing
ENGL120Acting Human: Shakespeare and the Drama of Identity
ENGL125Why Poetry Matters
ENGL130Race and the Cultural Politics of Blood: A Historical Perspective
ENGL142Literary Maryland
ENGL202Inventing Western Literature: Renaissance to Modern
ENGL212English Literature: 1800 to the Present
ENGL222American Literature: 1865 to Present
ENGL234African-American Literature and Culture
ENGL235U.S. Latinx Literature and Culture
ENGL241What the Novel Does
ENGL243What is Poetry?
ENGL245Film Form and Culture
ENGL250Reading Women Writing
ENGL255Literature of Science and Technology
ENGL256Fantasy Literature
ENGL262Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
ENGL265Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literatures
ENGL271Writing Poems and Stories: An Introductory Workshop
ENGL272Writing Fiction: A Beginning Workshop
ENGL273Writing Poetry: A Beginning Workshop
ENGL274Creative Writing Through The Eyes of African Americans: A Beginning Workshop
ENGL275Scriptwriting for Theater, Film, and Television
ENGL280The English Language
ENGL281Standard English Grammar, Usage, and Diction
ENGL290Introduction to Digital Studies
ENGL292Writing for Change
ENGL293Writing in the Wireless World
ENGL294Persuasion and Cleverness in Social Media
ENGL297Introduction to Professional Writing
ENGL301This is English: Fields and Methods
ENGL302Medieval Literature in Translation
ENGL304The Major Works of Shakespeare
ENGL305Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: An Introduction
ENGL317African American Literature
ENGL329ASpecial Topics in Film Studies; Cinema of Liberation
ENGL329DSpecial Topics in Film Studies; Melodrama
ENGL329GSpecial Topics in Film Studies
ENGL329MSpecial Topics in Film Studies; Ecomedia
ENGL329WSpecial Topics in Film Studies; Race, Film and Narrative
ENGL329YSpecial Topics in Film Studies; A Cinema of Migration as Message
ENGL344Nineteenth-Century Fiction
ENGL349JAsian American Literatures; New World Arrivals: Literature of Asian American Migration and Diaspora
ENGL352Intermediate Fiction Workshop
ENGL353Intermediate Poetry Workshop
ENGL354Intermediate Scriptwriting for Theater, Film, and Television
ENGL358FSpecial Topics in U.S. Latinx Literature; Contemporary Latinx Literature
ENGL359BSpecial Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures; Black Sexuality in Literature and Film
ENGL359CSpecial Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures; Queer Comedy
ENGL361Recovering Oral Histories
ENGL362Caribbean Literature in English
ENGL368KSpecial Topics in the Literature of Africa and the African Diaspora; The Art of Black Social Movements: Marcus Garvey to Black Lives Matter
ENGL370Junior Honors Conference
ENGL378FSpecial Topics in English; Paranoia, Conspiracies, and Fake News
ENGL378GSpecial Topics in English; Science and Fiction: From Milton to the Moon Landing
ENGL379BSpecial Topics in Literature; Art, Architecture and Literature
ENGL379RSpecial Topics in Literature; The Jazz Paradigm
ENGL384Concepts of Grammar
ENGL388CWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Writing for Change
ENGL388DWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Dickinson Electronic Archives
ENGL388MWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Maryland General Assembly Writing Internship
ENGL388PWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Pre-professional Internship
ENGL388TWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Digital Humanities Research Assistantship
ENGL388VWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in English
ENGL388WWriting, Research, and Media Internships; Writing Center Internship
ENGL390Science Writing
ENGL390HScience Writing
ENGL391Advanced Composition
ENGL391HAdvanced Composition
ENGL392Legal Writing
ENGL393Technical Writing
ENGL393HTechnical Writing
ENGL393QTechnical Writing
ENGL393XTechnical Writing
ENGL394Business Writing
ENGL395Writing for Health Professions
ENGL398ATopics in Professional Writing; Writing for the Arts
ENGL398BTopics in Professional Writing; Writing for Social Entrepreneurship
ENGL398CTopics in Professional Writing; Writing Case Studies and Investigative Reports
ENGL398ETopics in Professional Writing; Writing about Economics
ENGL398LTopics in Professional Writing; Scholarly Writing in the Humanities
ENGL398NTopics in Professional Writing; Writing for Non-Profit Organizations
ENGL398RTopics in Professional Writing; Writing Non-Fictional Narratives
ENGL398VTopics in Professional Writing; Writing about the Environment
ENGL404Shakespeare: The Later Works
ENGL408BLiterature by Women Before 1800; Saints and Sinners, Virgins and Queens: Medieval Women Reading and Writing
ENGL425Modern British Literature
ENGL428LSeminar in Language and Literature; Fictions of Asylum/Asylum Fictions
ENGL429Independent Research in English
ENGL439CSpotlight on Major Writers; Hemingway and his Competitors
ENGL440The Novel in America to 1914
ENGL455The Eighteenth-Century English Novel
ENGL456The Nineteenth-Century English Novel
ENGL457The Modern Novel
ENGL462Folksong and Ballad
ENGL466Arthurian Legend
ENGL469BThe Craft of Literature: Creative Form and Theory; The Structure of Fiction: How to Tell a True War Story
ENGL471African-American Literature: 1910-1945
ENGL478KSelected Topics in English and American Literature before 1800; Early Modern to Post-Modern Poetry
ENGL479GSelected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800; Horror Fiction and Media Necromancy
ENGL479MSelected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800; Roots, Music and Film
ENGL479VSelected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800; Aesthetes, Decadents, and the New Women
ENGL483American English(es)
ENGL487Principles and Practices of Rhetoric
ENGL488RTopics in Advanced Writing; Qualitative Research Methods
ENGL489JSpecial Topics in Language and Rhetoric; Digital Rhetorics
ENGL489NSpecial Topics in Language and Rhetoric; Invention of "Proper English": from the English Enlightenment to the American Experience
ENGL489PSpecial Topics in Language and Rhetoric; The Language of Political Persuasion
ENGL495Independent Study in Honors
ENGL497English at Work
ENGL498Advanced Fiction Workshop; Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL499Advanced Poetry Workshop; Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL611Approaches to College Composition
ENGL623Readings in Eighteenth-Century English Literature
ENGL649BReadings in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy; Research Methods in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy
ENGL658BReadings in Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the Americas; Drugs and Terror
ENGL679Professional and Career Mentoring for Master's Students
ENGL688Poetry Workshop; Poetry Workshop
ENGL689Fiction Workshop; Fiction Workshop
ENGL699Independent Study
ENGL719BSeminar in Renaissance Literature; Sex Education: Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early Modern Period
ENGL719ISeminar in Renaissance Literature; Writing the Cosmos: Literature and Science in the Seventeenth Century
ENGL748CSeminar in American Literature; Dickinson and Sexual/Textual Geographies
ENGL759BSeminar in Literature and the Other Arts; Art and Black Queer Studies
ENGL759CSeminar in Literature and the Other Arts; Book Lab: How To Do Things With Books
ENGL788Studies in Poetic Form
ENGL789Form and Theory in Fiction
ENGL798BCritical Theory Colloquium
ENGL798DCritical Theory Colloquium; Digital Studies
ENGL799Master's Thesis Research
ENGL878Pedagogical Mentoring for Doctoral Students
ENGL879Professional Mentoring for Doctoral Students
ENGL898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENGL899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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