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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENPM601Analog and Digital Communication Systems
ENPM602Data Networks
ENPM610Digital VLSI Design
ENPM611Software Engineering
ENPM612System and Software Requirements
ENPM614Software Testing & Maintenence
ENPM615Embedded Systems
ENPM616Wireless Communications: Concepts and Technologies
ENPM650Solar Thermal Energy Systems
ENPM651Heat Transfer for Modern Application
ENPM656Energy Conversion II -- Mobile Power
ENPM661Planning for Autonomous Robots
ENPM671Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ENPM672Fundamentals for Thermal Systems
ENPM673Perception for Autonomous Robots
ENPM685Security Tools for Information Security
ENPM686Information Assurance
ENPM691Hacking of C programs and Unix Binaries
ENPM695Secure Operating Systems
ENPM697Secure Software Testing and Construction
ENPM808Advanced Topics in Engineering
ENPM808EAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Managing Software Engineering Projects
ENPM808FAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Robot Learning
ENPM808GAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Energy and Water Applications
ENPM808PAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Manufacturing and Automation
ENPM808QAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Energy Policy
ENPM808XAdvanced Topics in Engineering; Software Development for Robotics
ENPM809ISpecial Topics in Engineering; Embedded System Hacking and Security
ENPM809KSpecial Topics in Engineering; Fundamentals for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Framework
ENPM809OSpecial Topics in Engineering; River Engineering
ENPM809XSpecial Topics in Engineering; Data and Algorithms
ENPM809YSpecial Topics in Engineering; Introductory Robot Programming
ENPM809ZSpecial Topics in Engineering; Sustainability and Innovation

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