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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ESHE201Introduction to Athletic Injuries
ESHE205Introduction to Allied Health Sciences
ESHE210Introduction to Teaching K 12 Physical Education
ESHE212Introduction to Sport Management
ESHE214Introduction to Fitness, Strength and Conditioning
ESHE225Allied Health Sciences Practicum I
ESHE250Allied Health Sciences Practicum II
ESHE263Principles of Self Defense
ESHE301Theory and Practice of Fitness/Wellness
ESHE304Theory and Practice of Team Sport Activities
ESHE305Principles and Practice of Strength and Conditioning
ESHE307Theory and Practice of Movement Concepts and Skill Themes
ESHE315Physical Activity and Aging
ESHE325Allied Health Sciences Practicum III
ESHE341Legal Issues in Sport Management
ESHE345Sport Ethics
ESHE350Sport and Exercise Psychology
ESHE360Marketing of ESHE
ESHE361World Martial Arts
ESHE363Seminar in Professional Fieldwork
ESHE364Pre Professional Fieldwork in ESHE
ESHE371Effective Teaching Skills in Physical Education
ESHE375Event and Facility Management
ESHE385Teaching Physical Education for Inclusion
ESHE388Coaching the Athlete
ESHE389Coaching Fieldwork in ESHE
ESHE391Exercise Science
ESHE392Exercise Physiology
ESHE396Assessment and Prescription in Exercise, Sport and Health Education
ESHE397Program Development for Sport/Performance
ESHE400Financial Aspects of Sport
ESHE405Personal Training
ESHE415Sport Administration Seminar
ESHE450Research Methods
ESHE451Research Project
ESHE453Student Teaching in Physical Education: Grades K 12
ESHE461Organization and Administration of Health/Fitness Programs
ESHE463Fieldwork in ESHE
ESHE465Therapeutic Interventions
ESHE470Health and Science Exercise Practicum
ESHE488Final Honors Project
ESHE496Topical Seminar in ESHE
ESHE498IS: Sport Psychology

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