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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIRE151FIRE SEMESTER 2: Sustainability Analytics
FIRE153FIRE SEMESTER 2: Found In Translation
FIRE154FIRE SEMESTER 2: Risk Communication & Resilience
FIRE157FIRE SEMESTER 2: Addiction Science
FIRE160FIRE SEMESTER 2: Transgenerational Brain Initiative
FIRE163FIRE SEMESTER 2: Animal and Human Relationships
FIRE164FIRE SEMESTER 2: Autonomous Unmanned Systems
FIRE165FIRE SEMESTER 2: Designing Innovations
FIRE166FIRE SEMESTER 2: Evolution of Sex Differences
FIRE170FIRE SEMESTER 2: Phillips Virtual Culture
FIRE171FIRE SEMESTER 2: Capital One Machine Learning
FIRE172FIRE SEMESTER 2: Engineering Biosensors
FIRE173FIRE SEMESTER 2: Deep Brain Neurotech
FIRE174FIRE SEMESTER 2: African American Digital Humanities - Digital Archives
FIRE176FIRE SEMESTER 2: Simulating Particle Detection
FIRE177FIRE SEMESTER 2: Atmospheric Data Science
FIRE180FIRE SEMESTER 2: Host-Pathogen Interactions

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