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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FREC1004Digital Planet
FREC2004Forest Ecosystems
FREC2114Ecology of Appalachian Forests
FREC2254Arboriculture Field Skills
FREC2324Dendrology Laboratory
FREC2414Field Exp Forest Resources
FREC2514Wildland Fire: Ecol & Mgt
FREC2554Leading Global Sustainability
FREC2974Independent Study
FREC3004Environmental Informatics
FREC3104Prin of Watershed Hydrology
FREC3214Forest Biometrics
FREC3224Forest Biometrics Laboratory
FREC3324Silvi Princ Appl
FREC3344Forest Field Studies
FREC3524Environmental Interpretation
FREC3544Outdoor Recreation Management
FREC3724Forest Boundaries and Roads
FREC3734Timber Procurement
FREC3954Study Abroad
FREC4114Info Tech for Natl Resrce Mgt
FREC4214Forest Photogrammetry
FREC4324Genetics of Nat & Mngd Popns
FREC4434Natural Resource Policy
FREC4444Int For Mgt Practicum
FREC4454Urban and Community Forestry
FREC4714Harvesting Systems Evaluation
FREC4784Wetland Hydro/Biogeochemistry
FREC4964Field Study
FREC4974Independent Study
FREC4994Undergraduate Research
FREC5004Graduate Seminar
FREC5104Sem Remote Sensing & GIS
FREC5114GAdv Info Tech for Natl Res Mgt
FREC5164Population Genomics
FREC5416Adv For Mgt & Econ
FREC5454GAdv Urban Community Forestry
FREC5714GAdv Harvesting Systems Eval
FREC5784GAdv Wetland Hydro/Biogeochem
FREC5894Final Examination
FREC5904Project and Report
FREC5974Independent Study
FREC5994Research and Thesis
FREC7994Research and Dissertation

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