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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FREN103Intensive Elementary French
FREN203Intensive Intermediate French
FREN204French Grammar and Composition
FREN250Introduction to Cultural and Textual Analysis
FREN250HIntroduction to Cultural and Textual Analysis
FREN301Composition and Style
FREN302Translation: French to English
FREN312France Today
FREN351From Romanticism to the Age of Modernism and Beyond
FREN351HFrom Romanticism to the Age of Modernism and Beyond
FREN386Experiential Learning
FREN387Critical Writing on France and the French-Speaking World
FREN399Directed Study in French
FREN407History of the French Language
FREN495HHonors Thesis Research
FREN499ASpecial Topics in French Studies; French Cinema: A Cultural Approach
FREN499CSpecial Topics in French Studies; Youth, Identity, Nation: A Survey of Quebec Cinema
FREN601The History of the French Language
FREN699VSeminar; Ecocritical Approach to French Enlightenment Literature
FREN709College Teaching of French
FREN798Master's Independent Study
FREN799Master's Thesis Research
FREN889Doctoral Independent Study
FREN898Pre-Candidacy Research
FREN899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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