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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GEOL101Planet Earth
GEOL102Planet Earth Laboratory
GEOL103Earth Through Time
GEOL104Earth Through Time Laboratory
GEOL191First Year Seminar
GEOL200Geology for Environ Scientists
GEOL341Structural Geology
GEOL342Structural Geol for Engineers
GEOL365Environmental Geology
GEOL373Intro Petroleum Geology
GEOL393ASPTP: Sedimentary Petrology
GEOL400Environmental Practicum
GEOL411Deep Time Earth Systems
GEOL454Environmtl/Explratn Geophys 1
GEOL455Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOL463Physical Hydrogeology
GEOL479Log Analysis Reading the Rocks
GEOL486Environmental Isotopes
GEOL489Junior Senior Seminar
GEOL493KSPTP: Reservoir Geomechanics
GEOL495Independent Study
GEOL496Senior Thesis
GEOL5563 D Seismic Visualization
GEOL591AADTP: Sedimentary Petrology
GEOL591BADTP: Technical Writing
GEOL655Remote Sensing Principles
GEOL680Masters Project Research
GEOL681Grad Internship in Geology
GEOL694ASem: Lava Flow Processes
GEOL699Graduate Colloquium
GEOL790Teaching Practicum

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