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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GERM103Intensive Elementary German
GERM149ZGermanic Languages - Elementary II; Elementary Yiddish II
GERM203Intensive Intermediate German
GERM204German Grammar Review
GERM255Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
GERM301Conversation and Composition I: The German-Speaking World
GERM302Conversation and Composition II: Current Topics in German-Speaking Society
GERM319BSelected Topics in Germanic Language Studies; Special Topics in Germanic Language Studies; German For Business
GERM320Survey of German Studies
GERM320HSurvey of German Studies
GERM386Experiential Learning
GERM397HHonors Reading (Independent Study)
GERM403Advanced Composition
GERM403HAdvanced Composition
GERM458ALiterary or Media Genres; Singing in German: Transmission of Sound, Transmission of Culture
GERM488BCapstone Seminar; German-Jewish Authors/Works: Kafka, Seghers, Benjamin, Celan
GERM499Directed Study
GERM689ASpecial Topics - M.A. Level; Singing in German: Transmission of Sound, Transmission of Culture
GERM689ZSpecial Topics - M.A. Level; Nuclear Futures: Theorizing Environmental Humanities for thePost-Fukushima Age
GERM798Master's Independent Study
GERM799Master's Thesis Research
GERM888Doctoral Independent Study
GERM898Pre-Candidacy Research
GERM899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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