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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GLY2000LEssentials Geology Laboratory
GLY2010Dyn Earth: Intro to Phys Geol
GLY2051Origins: Big Bang to Ice Age
GLY2100History of Life
GLY2100LHistory of Life Laboratory
GLY2930Prep for a Career in Geology
GLY3104CStratigraphy & Paleontology
GLY3402CStructural Geology & Tectonics
GLY3552CSedimentary Rocks & Processes
GLY3850Geology For Engineers
GLY3866Computational Geology
GLY4554CSedimentary Environments
GLY4734Beaches/Coastal Environments
GLY4915Undergraduate Research
GLY4920Geology Colloquium
GLY4921Scientific Communication
GLY4930Cave & Karst Geology
GLY6246General Geochemistry
GLY6255Tracer Geochemistry
GLY6285LProperties of Earth Materials
GLY6492Hydrogeology Internship
GLY6739Advanced Karst Science
GLY6739Advanced Structure & Tectonics
GLY6739History of Geochemistry
GLY6739Phosphonylation in the Env.
GLY6739Scientific Research & Writing
GLY6739Sedimentary Petrology
GLY6739Topics in Ecohydrology
GLY6739Topics in Geophysics
GLY6739Volcano Seismology
GLY6828Ground-Water Geochemistry
GLY6836Numerical Modeling Hydro Sys
GLY6905Independent Study
GLY6910Directed Research
GLY6971Thesis: Master's
GLY7912Directed Research
GLY7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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