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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIS3002Historical Methods & Materials
HIS3308War and Society
HIS3930Digital Archaeology
HIS3930Special Topics
HIS3930ST: Spanish Paleography I
HIS3930World War l
HIS3938A History of Ireland
HIS3938Greek Civilization
HIS3938History of the Automobile
HIS3938Immigration and Ethnicity.
HIS3938Iss: Empires in World History
HIS3938Issues: Pirates & Piracy
HIS3938Roman Archaeology
HIS4104Theory and Methods of History
HIS4900Direct Reading
HIS4900Directed Reading
HIS4936Ancient Mediterranean Religion
HIS4936Atlantic Pirates
HIS4936Doing Hty in the Digital Age
HIS4936History of the US Left
HIS4936Inquisition: Iberia & America
HIS4936Pro Sem: Cold War America,
HIS4936Pro Sem: Early Florida
HIS4936The 1960s
HIS4940Internship in History
HIS5114Spanish Paleography I
HIS6112Analysis of Hist Knowledge
HIS6908Greek Reading Digital
HIS6908Independent Study
HIS6908Independent Study: Crusades
HIS6908Roman Epigraphy
HIS6908Topics in Byzantine History
HIS6914Directed Research
HIS6925Coll: Empires in World History
HIS6925Colloquium in History
HIS6925Colloquium: Cold War America,
HIS693919th Century United States
HIS6939Doing Hty in the Digital Age
HIS6939Inquisition: Iberia & America
HIS6939Medieval Mediterranean
HIS6939Seminar in History: Early FL
HIS6939The US & the Global Cold War
HIS6939Topics in Modern Latin America
HIS6971Thesis: Master's
HIS7938Ph.D. Capstone Seminar
HIS793919th Century United States
HIS7939Medieval Mediterranean
HIS7939The US & the Global Cold War
HIS7939Topics in Modern Latin America
HIS7980Ph.D. Dissertation

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