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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST101W Civilization:Antiquity 1600
HIST102W Civilization:1600 Present
HIST104Latin America:Past & Present
HIST152Growth American Nation to 1865
HIST153Making Modern Amrca:1865 Prsnt
HIST179World History to 1500
HIST180World History Since 1500
HIST191First Year Seminar
HIST200Practicing History
HIST203Introduction Medieval Europe
HIST209Twentieth Century Europe
HIST210Modern Military History
HIST241Latin Amrca:Cltr/Cnqst/Colnztn
HIST257Antebellum America:1781 1861
HIST261Recent America:U.S. since 1918
HIST264American Indian History
HIST277Revolutions Science/Technology
HIST321Colonial Africa & Independence
HIST346Wmn/Gndr/Knshp Premdrn Europe
HIST360America in the 1960s
HIST370Latin America and the World
HIST375Hollywood and History
HIST393ASPTP: Golden Age of Piracy
HIST412Introduction to Public History
HIST414The Great War, 1914 1918
HIST417World War II in Europe
HIST419Revolutionary Russia:1900 1953
HIST44117th Century Colonial America
HIST44218th Century America
HIST460World War II in America
HIST463American Foreign Relatns 1941
HIST473Appalachian Regional History
HIST477Working Class America
HIST484Historical Research Capstone
HIST491Professional Field Experience
HIST493HSPTP: Oral History
HIST496Senior Thesis
HIST593SPTP:Readings Western European
HIST593ASPTP: Latin America and World
HIST600Cultural Resource Management
HIST614Internship in Public History
HIST615Museum Studies
HIST620Pract Cultural Resource Mang
HIST750Public History Methods
HIST760Seminar U.S. History:1850 1898
HIST763Readings U.S.Hist:1898 Present
HIST766Seminar in US Diplomatic Hist
HIST790Teaching Practicum
HIST793CSPTP: Microhistory
HIST793GSPTP: Rdngs Brit Imperial Hist
HIST799Graduate Colloquium

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