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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HUM1020Introduction to Humanities
HUM2210Classical Medieval Periods
HUM2230Renaissance 20th Century
HUM2250The Twentieth Century
HUM2593Science in Cultural Context
HUM3241Central Medieval/Gothic Europe
HUM3242The Enlightenment
HUM4331Humanities Pro Seminar
HUM4464Modern Latin American Culture
HUM4581Film and Media Theory
HUM4582Film Auteurs
HUM4890Genres and Media
HUM4905Directed Study
HUM6456Human Rights in Latin America
HUM6583Global Cinema to 1960
HUM6586Film Theory
HUM6814Intro to Graduate Study
HUM6815Research Seminar
HUM6909Independent Study
HUM6915Directed Research
HUM6939Trauma, Disbl & Representation
HUM6971Thesis: Masters

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