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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HUM1020Introduction to Humanities
HUM2230Renaissance - 20th Century
HUM2250The Twentieth Century
HUM2522Cultural Study of Pop Music
HUM2593Science in Cultural Context
HUM3240Early Christian Cultures
HUM3242The Enlightenment
HUM3309Intro to Food Studies
HUM3804Cultural Studies Theory/Method
HUM4261Cultural Periods and Styles
HUM4391The World of Dante's inferno
HUM4824Issues in Cultural Theory
HUM4890Black American Cinema
HUM4905Directed Study
HUM4931Seminar in Humanities
HUM4938Ethics and Film
HUM4938Hollywood Blockbusters
HUM4938Muslims, Christians, Jews
HUM4940Internship in Humanities
HUM6475Contemporary Arts & Letters
HUM6584GLobal Cinema since 1960
HUM6588Hollywood Blockbuster
HUM6801Theories/Meth Cultural Studies
HUM6909Independent Study
HUM6915Directed Research
HUM6939Autobiographical Essay
HUM6939U.S. in Trnsl Perspective
HUM6940Internship in Humanities
HUM6971Thesis: Masters

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