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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IENG200Fundamentals Industrial Engr
IENG213Engineering Statistics
IENG220Re Engineering Managmnt Systms
IENG301Materials and Costing
IENG302Manufacturing Processes
IENG303Manufacturing Processes Lab
IENG305Intro to Systems Engineering
IENG314Adv Analysis Engineering Data
IENG316Industrial Quality Control
IENG331Computr Applicatns Indust Engr
IENG343Production Planning/Control
IENG350Intro to Operations Research
IENG360Human Factors Engineering
IENG377Engineering Economy
IENG433Energy Efficiency/Sustainablty
IENG445Project Management for Engr.
IENG446Plant Layout/Material Handling
IENG455Simulation by Digital Methods
IENG461System Safety Engineering
IENG471Design of Productive Systems 1
IENG472Design of Productive Systems 2
IENG474Technology Entrepreneurship
IENG493DSPTP:Transportation & Logistic
IENG495Independent Study
IENG514Design Industrial Experiments
IENG554Applied Integer/Heuristic Prog
IENG561Industrial Hygiene Engineering
IENG577Advanced Engineering Economy
IENG593CSPTP:Energy Efficiency/Sustain
IENG593DSPTP:Transportation & Logistic
IENG796Graduate Seminar

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