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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

INR2002Intro to Int'l Relations
INR3033Int'l Political Cultures
INR3038International Wealth/Power
INR3102American Foreign Policy
INR3202International Human Rights
INR4083Conflict in the World
INR4254Africa in World Affairs
INR4502International Organizations
INR4931Energy and Global Politics
INR4931Foreign Relations:China&Africa
INR4931Inter American Relations
INR4931Intl Relations in East Asia
INR4931Religion and Human Rights
INR4931Russia Through Film
INR4931SelTop/Sustainable Development
INR4931ST: Cold War in latin America
INR4931The Arab-Israeli Peace Process
INR4931The United Nations and Peace
INR4943Internship in Int'l Studies
INR6036Sem in Internat Polit Econ

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