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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IS1004Nations and Nationalities
IS1024Comp Gov & Politics
IS1034Intro to Int'l Studies & PSCI
IS2004Res & Writing in Intl Studies
IS2034Geography of Global Conflict
IS2054Introduction to World Politics
IS2064Global Econ and World Politics
IS2084Theor Approach to Global Order
IS2974Independent Study
IS3034The CIA in Today's World
IS3104Security Stud: Theor & Concpts
IS3114Global Security
IS3115Selected World Problems
IS3116Selected World Problems
IS3125Intelligence & Nat'l Security
IS3134Global Conflict and War
IS3144Global Gov & Public Policy
IS3154Topics Global Public Policies
IS3175Global Development
IS3615International Relations
IS3616International Relations
IS3624Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
IS3625US-Russia Foreign Policies
IS3734National Security
IS3794Terrorism and Counterterrorism
IS3944International Enrollment
IS4004Seminar Int Studies
IS4024Seminar Diplomacy & Security
IS4034Topics in Diplomacy Lab
IS4054Seminar Global Political Econ
IS4734Int'l Conflict Management
IS4964Field Study
IS4974Independent Study
IS4974HIndependent Study
IS4994Undergraduate Research
IS4994HUndergraduate Research

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