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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ITEC100Introduction to Information Technology
ITEC109Problem Solving and Programming
ITEC120Principles of Computer Science I
ITEC122Discrete Mathematics
ITEC145Data Ethics, Privacy and Security
ITEC200Healthcare Information Systems
ITEC220Principles of Computer Science II
ITEC225Web Programming I
ITEC281Data Management and Analysis with Spreadsheets
ITEC304Database from the Manager's Perspective
ITEC310Programming in C and Unix
ITEC315Graphical User Interface Design and Implementation
ITEC320Procedural Analysis and Design
ITEC324Principles of Computer Science III
ITEC325Web Programming II
ITEC340Database I
ITEC345Introduction to Information Security
ITEC350Introduction to Computer Networking
ITEC360Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms
ITEC370Software Engineering I
ITEC371Operating Systems
ITEC380Organization of Programming Languages
ITEC395Information Technology Project Management
ITEC425Advanced Web Development
ITEC442Data Warehousing, Mining, and Reporting
ITEC451Network Design and Analysis
ITEC455Applied Cryptography and Network Security
ITEC460Translator Design and Construction
ITEC466Information Assurance Management
ITEC472Software Engineering III
ITEC485Decision Support Systems
ITEC488Honors Capstone Project
ITEC490IT Professionalism
ITEC495Information Systems Capstone
ITEC498IS: Scene Graphs & VR
ITEC498IS: Type Theory
ITEC542Data Warehousing, Mining, and Reporting
ITEC643Database Performance and Scalability
ITEC660Algorithms and Data Structures for Large Data Sets
ITEC685Information Analytics
ITEC695Practicum in Data and Information Management: Capstone Project

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