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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

JWST219BSpecial Topics in Jewish Studies; Gender and Sexuality in Israeli Cinema
JWST262Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
JWST272Introduction to Jewish Literature
JWST275The Jew and the City through the Centuries
JWST282Elementary Yiddish II
JWST289ANew Explorations in Jewish Studies; Can Jews be Arabs? Identity and Crisis for the Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times
JWST319MSpecial Topics in Jewish Studies; Beyond Black and White: Jews and Representations of Race
JWST319VSpecial Topics in Jewish Studies; Religious and Political Transformations in Modern Jewish History, 1650 - 1870
JWST324Biblical History and Culture
JWST331Early Christianity: Jesus to Constantine
JWST345The Holocaust of European Jewry
JWST386Experiential Learning in Jewish Studies
JWST409CResearch Seminar in Jewish Studies; The Construction of Jewish Knowledge
JWST409FResearch Seminar in Jewish Studies; Death in the Biblical World
JWST418Honors Thesis Research in Jewish Studies
JWST419CSpecial Topics in Jewish Studies; Representing the Holocaust
JWST419ZSpecial Topics in Jewish Studies; Targumic Aramaic
JWST429MAdvanced Topics in Jewish Studies; American Jewry and Public Policy
JWST469PReadings in Rabbinic Hebrew; Development of Prayers and Liturgy
JWST499Independent Study in Jewish Studies; Independent Study in Jewish Studies
JWST619Directed Readings in Jewish Studies
JWST648Readings in Jewish History; Readings in Jewish History
JWST658Readings in Jewish Thought and Culture
JWST678Readings in Jewish Literature
JWST699Independent Graduate Readings in Jewish Studies
JWST719PReadings in Jewish Studies; Readings in Rabbinic Hebrew: Development of Prayers and Liturgy
JWST799Masters Thesis Research

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