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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

KNES100OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Basketball (Intermediate)
KNES131OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Jogging (Intermediate)
KNES131VPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Jogging (Beginning)
KNES131ZPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Beginning Softball
KNES132NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Badminton (Beginning)
KNES134OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Bowling (Intermediate)
KNES140OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Tumbling and Balancing (Intermediate)
KNES140RPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Trampoline (Beginning)
KNES140VPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Tumbling and Balancing (Beginning)
KNES144QPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Martial Arts, Karate (Beginning)
KNES144TPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Self-Defense
KNES152OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Soccer (Intermediate)
KNES154NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Swimming (Beginning)
KNES154OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Swimming (Intermediate)
KNES154TPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Swimming, Fitness (Intermediate)
KNES154WPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Swimming/Lifeguard Training
KNES157NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Weight Training (Beginning)
KNES157OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Weight Training (Intermediate)
KNES157TPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Fight the 15: Introduction to Fitness and an Active Lifestyle
KNES161GPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Yoga for Fitness (Intermediate)
KNES161KPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Cardio Kickboxing (Beginning)
KNES161NPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Conditioning (Beginning)
KNES161OPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Conditioning (Intermediate)
KNES161TPhysical Education Activities: Coed; Yoga
KNES201Kinesiological Principles of Physical Activity
KNES214Science and Methods of Personal Fitness Instruction
KNES222Gambling in the New Millennium: Poker, The Preakness, Point-spreads, Powerball and Public Policy
KNES260Science of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health
KNES282Basic Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
KNES286Empowering Healthy Physical Activity
KNES287Sport and American Society
KNES289Topical Investigations
KNES289RTopical Investigations; Hoop Dreams: Black Masculinity & Sport
KNES289WTopical Investigations; The Cybernetic Human
KNES293History of Sport in America
KNES300Biomechanics of Human Motion
KNES300HBiomechanics of Human Motion
KNES320Physiological Basis of Physical Activity and Human Health
KNES332Exercise Testing and Prescription for the Fitness Professional
KNES332HExercise Testing and Prescription for the Fitness Professional
KNES333Motor Development and Fitness for Individuals with Disabilities
KNES335Swimming Pool Management
KNES350The Psychology of Sports
KNES350HThe Psychology of Sports
KNES355Sport Management
KNES355HSport Management
KNES360Physiology of Exercise
KNES360HPhysiology of Exercise
KNES370Motor Development
KNES370HMotor Development
KNES385Motor Control and Learning
KNES385HMotor Control and Learning
KNES389Topical Investigations
KNES389DTopical Investigations; Sport for Development
KNES389ETopical Investigations; Childrens Development Clinic
KNES389KTopical Investigations; Kinesiology Internship
KNES389MTopical Investigations; Mental Performance Skills Coaching & Team Building: Turning Theory into Practice
KNES400The Foundations of Public Health in Kinesiology
KNES400HThe Foundations of Public Health in Kinesiology
KNES405Principles & Techniques of Manual Muscle Testing
KNES442Psychology of Exercise and Health
KNES442HPsychology of Exercise and Health
KNES451Children and Sport: A Psychosocial Perspective
KNES451HChildren and Sport: A Psychosocial Perspective
KNES457Managing Youth Programs: Educational, Fitness and Sport
KNES460Physiology of Aging and the Impact of Physical Activity
KNES460HPhysiology of Aging and the Impact of Physical Activity
KNES461Exercise and Body Composition
KNES461HExercise and Body Composition
KNES464Exercise Metabolism: Role in Health and Disease
KNES464HExercise Metabolism: Role in Health and Disease
KNES465Physical Activity and Disease Prevention and Treatment
KNES465HPhysical Activity and Disease Prevention and Treatment
KNES472Computational Motor Control and Learning: Engineering the Mind
KNES477Honors Thesis
KNES478Honors Seminar; Honors Seminar
KNES483Sport Marketing and Media
KNES483HSport Marketing and Media
KNES484Sporting Hollywood
KNES485Sport and Globalization
KNES497Kinesiology Senior Seminar
KNES498Special Topics in Kinesiology
KNES498JSpecial Topics in Kinesiology; Equity & Diversity: Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity Participation and Health
KNES498TSpecial Topics in Kinesiology; Principles and Applications of Exercise Rehabilitation
KNES498WSpecial Topics in Kinesiology; Prosthetics for Limb Amputations
KNES601Epidemiology of Physical Activity
KNES602Physical Activity Program Planning and Evaluation
KNES609Research Issues in Kinesiology
KNES610Methods and Techniques of Research
KNES618Current Readings in Exercise and Applied Physiology
KNES672Computational Motor Control and Learning: Engineering the Mind
KNES689Special Problems in Kinesiology
KNES689NSpecial Problems in Kinesiology; Curriculum Development in Physical Education
KNES689OSpecial Problems in Kinesiology; Psychology of Exercise and Health
KNES689TSpecial Problems in Kinesiology; Teaching Internship
KNES785Internship in Physical Activity and Public Health
KNES786Capstone Project in Physical Activity and Public Health
KNES789Advanced Projects in Kinesiology
KNES789PAdvanced Projects in Kinesiology; PCS Research and Writing Seminar
KNES789RAdvanced Projects in Kinesiology; Brain Dynamics and EEG: Applications to Cognitive-motor Performance
KNES789WAdvanced Projects in Kinesiology; Modeling & Simulation of Human Movement
KNES799Master's Thesis Research
KNES898Pre-Candidacy Research
KNES899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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