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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LAW616Cultural Property
LAW618Crim Procedure: Investigation
LAW621Lawyers as Leaders
LAW622E Discovery
LAW627Land Use/Sustnbl Devlp Clnc 1
LAW630Energy Law
LAW633Internatnl Business Transactn
LAW641Introduction to Legal Research
LAW645Water Law
LAW649Trademark & Unfair Competition
LAW650Entrepreneurship Clinic 1
LAW652Jessup Internatnal Moot Court
LAW653Law & Public Service
LAW654Public Service Externship
LAW664Performance Test Workshop
LAW665Family Law Quarterly
LAW677US Supreme Court Clinic 1
LAW689ISem:Environmental Justice
LAW689KSem: Civil Disobedience
LAW700Legal Analysis/Rsch/Writing 1
LAW703Contracts 1
LAW705Criminal Law
LAW709Torts 1
LAW710Torts 2
LAW715Appellate Advocacy
LAW716Wealth Transfers
LAW719Income Taxation 1
LAW722Civil Procedure: Rules
LAW723Immigration Law
LAW726Constitutional Law 2
LAW729Business Organizations
LAW734Intellectual Property
LAW742Professional Responsibility
LAW743Patent Prosecution
LAW754State and Local Taxation
LAW756Trial Advocacy
LAW757Law Review 1
LAW763Employment Discrimination
LAW764Administrative Law
LAW766Coal/Oil and Gas
LAW767Bankrptcy:Creditr/Debtr Rights
LAW768International Law
LAW769Family Law
LAW771Labor Law
LAW775Pre trial Litigation
LAW779Business Transactions Drafting
LAW780Federal Judicial Externship 1
LAW780AFederal Judicial Externship 2
LAW782Legal Clinic 1
LAW786Lugar Trial Advocacy
LAW787Intercollegiate Moot Court
LAW791GADTP: Tax Procedure
LAW793ASPTP: Intro to Consumer Law
LAW793ISPTP: Social Media and the Law
LAW794BSem: The Second Amendment
LAW794CSEM:Medical Drugs:Law & Policy
LAW794FSem:Econ Dev & Trans Lawyering
LAW795Independent Study

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