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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LAW607Psychology for Lawyers
LAW609Child Protection and the Law
LAW618Crim Procedure: Investigation
LAW624Advanced Legal Research
LAW628Land Use/Sustnbl Devlp Clnc 2
LAW635Land Use and Resilience Law
LAW638Legislation & Regulation
LAW643Taxation of Business Entities
LAW644Energy Siting & Permitting
LAW652Jessup Internatnal Moot Court
LAW653Law & Public Service
LAW654Public Service Externship
LAW655Law & Public Service FT
LAW656Law/Public Service Extrnshp FT
LAW665Family Law Quarterly
LAW667MBE Skills Workshop
LAW678US Supreme Court Clinic 2
LAW688CSem: Corporate Governance
LAW689WSem:Issues in Energy Law
LAW701International Human Rights
LAW706Civil Procedure: Jurisdiction
LAW711Legal Analysis/Rsch/Writing 2
LAW715Appellate Advocacy
LAW725Constitutional Law 1
LAW728West Virginia Constitutnl Law
LAW729Business Organizations
LAW733Education Law
LAW735Patent Law
LAW736Legal Estate Planning
LAW738Business Torts
LAW740Conflict of Laws
LAW741Employment Law
LAW742Professional Responsibility
LAW746Lawyers and Literature
LAW747Health Care Law
LAW750Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW756Trial Advocacy
LAW758Law Review 2
LAW759Civil Rights
LAW762Federal Courts
LAW764Administrative Law
LAW775Pre trial Litigation
LAW776Sales & Secured Transactions
LAW779Business Transactions Drafting
LAW780Federal Judicial Externship 1
LAW780AFederal Judicial Externship 2
LAW783Legal Clinic 2
LAW786Lugar Trial Advocacy
LAW787Intercollegiate Moot Court
LAW791DADTP: Adv Immigration Clinic
LAW791EADTP: Nonprofit Organizations
LAW791YADTP:Contracts 2
LAW793DSPTP:Anatomy of a Consume Case
LAW793YSPTP:International Crim Law
LAW794ASem: Topics in Labor Law
LAW795Independent Study

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