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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LING200Introductory Linguistics
LING240Language and Mind
LING248Introduction to Laboratory Research in Linguistics
LING311Syntax I
LING312Syntax II
LING321Phonology I
LING322Phonology II
LING350Philosophy of Language
LING419MTopics in Syntax; Expressing Possibilities and Necessities across Languages and Development
LING420Word Formation
LING444Child Language Acquisition
LING448Advanced Laboratory Research in Linguistics
LING499Directed Studies in Linguistics
LING499CDirected Studies in Linguistics; Teaching Assistantship
LING499HDirected Studies in Linguistics
LING611Issues in Syntax
LING621Issues in Phonology
LING641Issues in Psycholinguistics
LING689Independent Study
LING689TIndependent Study; Pedagogy for Linguistics
LING698Directed Study; Seminar
LING798Research Papers in Linguistics
LING799Master's Thesis Research
LING819ESeminar in Syntactic Theory; Conceptions of the Cycle
LING849CSeminar in Psycholinguistics; Computational Psycholinguistics
LING879CSeminar in Semantics
LING888Doctoral Research Paper
LING889Directed Research
LING896Research Paper in Minor Area
LING898Pre-Candidacy Research
LING899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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