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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LIT2000Introduction to Literature
LIT3043Modern Drama
LIT3093Contemporary Literature
LIT3101Lit West World Thrgh Renaiss
LIT3103Great Literature of the World
LIT3144Modern European Novel
LIT3155Twentieth Century Literature
LIT3301Cultural Studies & Pop Arts
LIT3374The Bible As Literature
LIT3383Image of Women in Literature
LIT3410Religious/Philosophical Themes
LIT3451Literature and the Occult
LIT3513Literature, Gender & Sexuality
LIT4386British/American Lit by Women
LIT4930Florida Literature & Culture
LIT4930Middle English Epic & Romance
LIT6096ST: Studies in Cont. Lit
LIT6096US Multiethnic Literature
LIT6105Studies in Continental Lit
LIT6934Contemporary Literature & Film
LIT6934Sel Topics: Rhetoric & Memory
LIT6934ST: Environmental Writing

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