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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAE215Intro to Aerospace Engineering
MAE240Manufacturing Processes
MAE243Mechanics of Materials
MAE244Dynamics/Strength Laboratory
MAE271MAE Design 1
MAE298AHNRS: MAE 241 Add On
MAE312Introduction Mechanical Design
MAE316Analysis Engineering Systems
MAE321Applied Thermodynamics
MAE322Thermal and Fluids Laboratory
MAE331Fluid Mechanics
MAE333Mechanical Measurements
MAE335Incompressible Aerodynamics
MAE342Dynamics of Machines
MAE343Intermediate Mech of Materials
MAE370Aviation Ground School
MAE371MAE Design 2
MAE405Senior Mechanical Engr Lab
MAE411Advanced Mechatronics
MAE412Mobile Robotics
MAE423Heat Transfer
MAE425Internal Combustion Engines
MAE426Flight Vehicle Propulsion
MAE429Theory of Turbomachines
MAE431Microgravity Research 2
MAE433Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE434Experimental Aerodynamics
MAE446Mechanics Composite Materials
MAE454Machine Design and Manufctrng
MAE455Computer Aided Drafting/Design
MAE456CAD/Finite Element Analysis
MAE459Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion
MAE460Automatic Controls
MAE465Flight Mechanics 2
MAE471Principles Engineering Design
MAE474UAV Design/Build/Fly Comp
MAE475Flight Vehicle Design Capstone
MAE476Space Flight and Systems
MAE480Systems Design 1
MAE482Flight Sim for Aircraft Safety
MAE491Professional Field Experience
MAE495Independent Study
MAE521Advanced Thermodynamics 1
MAE525Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions
MAE532Dynamics of Viscous Fluids
MAE543Advanced Mechanics of Material
MAE623Conduction Heat Transfer
MAE649Microscopy of Materials
MAE660Feedback Control in Mech Engr
MAE686MS&E Seminar
MAE695Independent Study
MAE793ASPTP: Abaqus FEA Simulation
MAE795Independent Study

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