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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MHS3063Cultural Diversity and Health
MHS3204Fundamentals of ABA
MHS3411Multidis Behavioral Healthcare
MHS4002Behavioral Health Sys Delivery
MHS4022Adult PsychopathologyCommunity
MHS4023Recovery Mental Health Svcs
MHS4052Human Rel Skills Counseling
MHS4074Child Development and Trauma
MHS4202Behav Assess/Intervention Plan
MHS4203Practical Skills in CBH
MHS4206ABA/Autism & Devl Disabilities
MHS4408Exemplary Treatment Practices
MHS4412Res Meth/Eth Iss in Beh Analys
MHS4425Behavioral Hlthcare Field Exp
MHS4434Behavioral Health & the Family
MHS4452Co Occurring Disorders
MHS4453Applied Psychopharmacology
MHS4454Alcohol Drugs and Crime
MHS4455Drug Abuse Prevent/Treatment
MHS4490Children's Issues Beh Health
MHS4703Ethics & Legal Beh Healthcare
MHS4723ProSem in Beh Healthcare
MHS4741Applied Research Methods
MHS4906Directed Study
MHS4912Behavioral Health Research
MHS4931Beh Health & Health Disparties
MHS4931Forensic Psychology
MHS4931Global Issues/Mental Illness
MHS4931Global Perspectives
MHS4931Global Perspectives Mental Ill
MHS4931Movies, Memoirs, Mental Health
MHS4931Movies, Memoirs,Mental Illness
MHS4931Pro Sem: Behavioral Healthcare
MHS4943Appld Behavior Practicum Sem
MHS5745App Qual Res Methods
MHS6027Creating Cultural Comp Beh Hlt
MHS6066Serv for Child& Adoles with DD
MHS6095Interdisciplinary SOC Practice
MHS6096Program Dev./ Implementation
MHS6200Assess & Appraisal Procedures
MHS6201ABA Complex Comm. Environments
MHS6400Counseling Theories/Pract
MHS6410Intensive Indiv Behavior Suprt
MHS6420Multicult Counsv/Diverse Pops
MHS6509Group Couns Theories/Pract
MHS6601Consul for Counseling Prof
MHS6615Functional Assessment
MHS6701ABA Basic Principles
MHS6732Research and Eval in CABH
MHS6743Qual Research Foundations
MHS6744Single Case Research
MHS6780Ethics in ABA
MHS6800Pract Couns Adoles/Adults
MHS6900Behav Analysis Dev Disability
MHS6900Foundations Behav Hlth Systems
MHS6900Foundations in Adol Beh Health
MHS6900Intervention & Implementation
MHS6900Serv Learn Adol Beh Health III
MHS6900Therapeutic Skills
MHS6900Women's Mental Health
MHS6901Independent Studies
MHS6905Individual Study
MHS6906Ind Study:Applied Beh Analysis
MHS6915Directed Research in Bhv & SS
MHS6937Behavior Theory
MHS6938Exper Analysis of Behav II
MHS6938Funct Alysis and Based Interv
MHS6940Practicum:Applied Beh Analysis
MHS6941Applied Field Experience Sem.
MHS6971Thesis: Applied Beh Analysis
MHS6972Thesis Child Adoles Beh health
MHS7205Functional Analysis
MHS7707Policy and Systems Change
MHS7709EAB 2
MHS7720Proseminar in BCS
MHS7740Sur Plan, Eval and Acctability

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