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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MMC2100Writing for the Mass Media
MMC3602Mass Communication and Society
MMC4200Hist/Principles of Comm Law
MMC4203Communication Ethics
MMC4420Research Methods in Mass Comm
MMC4900Directed Reading in Mass Comm
MMC4910Indv Research in Mass Comm
MMC4936Issues in Sports & Media
MMC4936Promotional Video Production
MMC4936Writing Nonfiction Books
MMC4936WUSF TV News Break
MMC6206Mass Communications Ethics
MMC6415Strategic Communication Media
MMC6447Quant Research Methods
MMC6900Directed Reading Mass Comm
MMC6910Ind Research in Mass Comm
MMC6936Neighborhood News Bureau
MMC6936ST: Data Visualization
MMC6936ST: Digital Production
MMC6936ST: Documentary Film Prod.
MMC6936ST: Sizzling Images
MMC6945Professional Practicum
MMC6950Applied Research Project
MMC6971Thesis: Master's

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