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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUED155Fundamentals for the Classroom Teacher
MUED186Pre-professional Experiences I
MUED214String Technique and Pedagogy II
MUED215Woodwind Technique and Pedagogy
MUED320Teaching Secondary Instrumental Music I
MUED333Classroom Vocal Pedagogy
MUED420Teaching Secondary Instrumental Music II
MUED471Teaching General Music
MUED474Field Experiences: Pre-Student Teaching
MUED484Student Teaching in Elementary School: Music
MUED494Student Teaching in Secondary School: Music
MUED690Research Methods in Music and Music Education
MUED698VCurrent Trends in Music Education; Vocal Pedagogy for the Choral Conductor
MUED729Doctoral Colloquium in Music Education

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