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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUSC099Performance Attendance
MUSC102Class Piano
MUSC102BClass Piano
MUSC106Beginning Classical Guitar
MUSC123Movement for Singers
MUSC127Vocal Diction: Italian
MUSC128Sight Reading For Pianists
MUSC129AEnsemble; Chamber Music - Strings
MUSC129BEnsemble; Chamber Woodwinds
MUSC129CEnsemble; Chamber Music - Brasses
MUSC129GEnsemble; Balinese Gamelan
MUSC129KEnsemble; Japanese Koto
MUSC129LEnsemble; Advanced Japanese Koto
MUSC129PEnsemble; Percussion
MUSC129QEnsemble; Korean Percussion Ensemble
MUSC129UEnsemble; Tuba & Euphonium
MUSC140Music Fundamentals I
MUSC150Theory of Music I
MUSC202Intermediate Class Piano I
MUSC204Popular Music in Black America
MUSC205History of Popular Music, 1950-Present
MUSC210The Impact of Music on Life
MUSC215World Popular Musics and Identity
MUSC220Selected Musical Cultures of the World
MUSC227Vocal Diction: German
MUSC229AEnsemble; Orchestra
MUSC229DEnsemble; Wind Orchestra
MUSC229EEnsemble; Wind Ensemble
MUSC229FEnsemble; Marching Band
MUSC229GEnsemble; Marching Band Repertoire
MUSC229IEnsemble; Marching Band Auxiliary
MUSC229JEnsemble; Jazz Ensemble
MUSC229KEnsemble; Marching Band Dance Team
MUSC229PEnsemble; Pep Band
MUSC229REnsemble; Repertoire Orchestra
MUSC229UEnsemble; University Band
MUSC229ZEnsemble; Jazz Combo
MUSC250Advanced Theory of Music I
MUSC260Music as Global Culture
MUSC289IExploring the Power of Musical Performance in Social Engagement
MUSC328Introduction to Chamber Music for Pianists
MUSC329AEnsemble; University of Maryland Chorale
MUSC329BEnsemble; Chamber Singers
MUSC329EEnsemble; Gospel Choir
MUSC329MEnsemble; Men's Chorus
MUSC329OEnsemble; Opera Chorus
MUSC329WEnsemble; Treble Choir
MUSC330Music History III
MUSC379Opera Workshop
MUSC386Experiential Learning
MUSC388Music Internship
MUSC389Music Internship Analysis
MUSC428Repertoire Coaching of Vocal or Chamber Music
MUSC438RArea Studies in Ethnomusicology; Roma in Europe
MUSC443Solo Vocal Literature
MUSC444Wind and Percussion Literature
MUSC446String Literature
MUSC448Selected Topics in Music
MUSC448ASelected Topics in Music; Accompanying Practicum
MUSC448DSelected Topics in Music; Music History Pedagogy
MUSC448FSelected Topics in Music; Music and Film in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
MUSC448MSelected Topics in Music; History of Music Theory tgo 1700
MUSC448PSelected Topics in Music; How to Win an Orchestral Audition
MUSC448WSelected Topics in Music; Instrumental Pedagogy
MUSC450Musical Form
MUSC451Analysis of Music
MUSC453Jazz Improvisation I
MUSC455Theory of Jazz
MUSC469COrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Violin
MUSC469DOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Viola
MUSC469FOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Bass
MUSC469VOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Harp
MUSC492Keyboard Music I
MUSC499Independent Studies
MUSC550Theory of Music Graduate Review
MUSC601Advanced English Lyric Diction
MUSC604Advanced French Lyric Diction
MUSC605Opera Repertory I
MUSC608Chamber Music Repertory; Chamber Music Repertoire
MUSC609Piano Chamber Music Practicum and Analysis
MUSC611Opera Techniques I
MUSC613Opera Techniques III
MUSC629AEnsemble; Orchestra
MUSC629CEnsemble; Wind Ensemble
MUSC629FEnsemble; Marching Band
MUSC629GEnsemble; Balinese Gamelan
MUSC629HEnsemble; Harp
MUSC629JEnsemble; Jazz Ensemble
MUSC629KEnsemble; Japanese Koto
MUSC629LEnsemble; Advanced Japanese Koto
MUSC629OEnsemble; Tuba & Euphonium
MUSC629PEnsemble; Percussion Ensemble
MUSC629QEnsemble; Korean Percussion Ensemble
MUSC629REnsemble; Repertoire Orchestra
MUSC629UEnsemble; University Band
MUSC629WEnsemble; Wind Orchestra
MUSC629ZEnsemble; Jazz Combo
MUSC646Introduction to Musicology
MUSC648Seminar in Music Research; Seminar in Music Research
MUSC649AEnsemble; University of Maryland Chorale
MUSC649BEnsemble; Chamber Singers
MUSC649EEnsemble; Ensemble: Gospel Choir
MUSC649MEnsemble; Men's Chorus
MUSC649OEnsemble; Opera Chorus
MUSC649WEnsemble; Treble Choir
MUSC651The Theories of Heinrich Schenker
MUSC653Jazz Improvisation I
MUSC655Theory of Jazz
MUSC659ASeminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy
MUSC659BSeminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy; Orchestral Repertoire and Pedagogy
MUSC659CSeminar in Repertoire and Pedagogy; Wind Repertoire and Pedagogy
MUSC669COrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Violin
MUSC669DOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Viola
MUSC669FOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Bass
MUSC669VOrchestral Excerpts for String Players; Harp
MUSC670Advanced Analytical Techniques I
MUSC677Current Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology
MUSC679FSeminar in Ethnomusicology; Music and Film in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
MUSC679MSeminar in Ethnomusicology; Music and Social Movements
MUSC689Advanced Conducting
MUSC699Selected Topics in Music
MUSC699DSelected Topics in Music; Diction for Pianist
MUSC699FSelected Topics in Music; Musical Movement and Analysis
MUSC699KSelected Topics in Music; Music in the Early Modern City
MUSC699NSelected Topics in Music; Historical Performance Practice
MUSC699WSelected Topics in Music; Instrumental Pedagogy
MUSC757Aural Skills for Conductors
MUSC758Advanced Aural Skills for Conductors
MUSC799Master's Thesis Research
MUSC800PAdvanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy
MUSC800VAdvanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy
MUSC800WAdvanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy
MUSC802AAdvanced Seminar in Music Pedagogy III
MUSC811Doctoral Opera Techniques
MUSC813Doctoral Opera Techniques III
MUSC830SDoctoral Seminar in Music Literature
MUSC830WDoctoral Seminar in Music Literature
MUSC832ADoctoral Seminar in Music Literature
MUSC898Pre-Candidacy Research
MUSC899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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