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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHAR191First Year Seminar
PHAR703Pharmacy Practice Experience 1
PHAR707Drug Induced Diseases
PHAR718Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
PHAR743Teach to Learn: Learn to Teach
PHAR748Acute Care Case Studies
PHAR749Pharmaceutical Investigation
PHAR752History of Drug Discovery
PHAR758Ethcl/Rgltry Aspcts Clin Rsrch
PHAR760Acute Care Rotation 1
PHAR761Acute Care Rotation 2
PHAR762Ambulatory Care Rotation 1
PHAR763Ambulatory Care Rotation 2
PHAR764Elective Rotation 1
PHAR765Elective Rotation 2
PHAR766Selective Rotation
PHAR770Community Rotation
PHAR772Institutional Rotation
PHAR777Health Outcomes Res Design
PHAR779Drug Discovery
PHAR782Tumors of the CNS Journal Club
PHAR783Pharm Cell Biology Seminar
PHAR784Pharmacology Journal Club
PHAR786Health Svcs Res/Sec Databases
PHAR787Drug Discovery & Development
PHAR788Grad Sem Hlth Outcomes Rsrch
PHAR790Teaching Practicum
PHAR793ASPTP: Introduction to Pharmacy
PHAR793BSPTP:Population Hlth & Policy
PHAR793DSPTP: Cardio Physio & Pharmaco
PHAR796Graduate Seminar
PHAR801Drug Delivery
PHAR802Preparation Pharmctcl Products
PHAR807Pharmacy Calculations
PHAR826Evidence Based Practice
PHAR840Pharm Practice & Management 5
PHAR843Gastroenterology and Nutrition
PHAR844Infectious Diseases
PHAR845Neurology and Psychiatry
PHAR848Acute Care Practice Experience
PHAR849Amb Care Practice Experience
PHAR860Current Topics in Pharmacy

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