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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHC2100Introduction to Public Health
PHC3302Introduction to EOH
PHC3320Environmental Health Science
PHC4030Introduction to Epidemiology
PHC4031Emerging Infectious Diseases
PHC4032Foundatns of Infection Control
PHC4069Biostatistics in Society
PHC4101Overview PH Programs Policies
PHC4117Workforce & Leadership Dvlpmnt
PHC4140Intro to Public Health GIS
PHC4188Public Health Emergencies
PHC4250Crisis Leadership in Disasters
PHC4375Homeland Security
PHC4376Disaster by Design
PHC4431Econ Rationale Health Policy
PHC4464Intro to Health Disparities
PHC4720Foundation PH Writing
PHC4755Found of Evaluation & Research
PHC4931Health Care Ethics
PHC4942Health & Wellness Core Methods
PHC4942PH SEM: Intro to Health Advoca
PHC4942PH Sem:Hospital Emergency Mgmt
PHC4942PH Sem:Intro to Hospital Admin
PHC4942Public Health in Quebec,Canada
PHC4942Public Health Live on Tour
PHC5933Intro into Public Health GIS
PHC6006Epi Methods Infectious Disease
PHC6007Cancer Epidemiology
PHC6008Cardiovascular Disease Epid
PHC6010Epidemiology Methods I
PHC6011Epidemiology Methods II
PHC6035Mental & Physical Comorbidity
PHC6037Public Health Virology
PHC6051Biostatistics II
PHC6057Biostatistical Inference I
PHC6060Biostatistical Collaboration I
PHC6145Translation to PH Practice
PHC6146Health Services Plan/Eval
PHC6151Health Policy and Politics
PHC6161Health Finance Applications
PHC6166Adv Sem Hlth Care Mgt
PHC6180Health Services Management
PHC6184Emergency Disaster Recovery
PHC6186Public Hlth Emerg In Large Pop
PHC6196Info Sys Health Care Mgmt
PHC6232Emergency to Development
PHC6233Challenges in Humanitarian Fld
PHC6236Business Continuity Security
PHC6251Disease Surveillance/Monitorng
PHC6254Public Hlth/Homeland Security
PHC6300Prin Env Health
PHC6307Exposure Assessment
PHC6310Environ/Occup Toxicology
PHC6314Infection Control Prog Design
PHC6319Modern Human Diseases
PHC6358Phys Agent Assesment & Control
PHC6361Industrial Ergonomics
PHC6365CAnalytical Mthds Ind Hyg I
PHC6411Intro Soc Market Public Health
PHC6420Health Care Law, Regs, Ethics
PHC6421Public Health Law & Ethics
PHC6435Comparative Hlth Ins Systems
PHC6442GH Applications in the Field
PHC6450Patient centered Communication
PHC6500Theor & Beh Basis for Hlth Edu
PHC6507Health Ed Intervention Methods
PHC6510Exotic and Emerging Infect Dis
PHC6511Public Health Immunology
PHC6512Vectors of Human Disease
PHC6513Public Health Parasitology
PHC6517Infectious Disease Prevention
PHC6537Case Studies in MCH Prg
PHC6539Fdn Adol Beh Hlth
PHC6543Foundations Behav Hlth Systems
PHC6562Micro for Healthcare Workers
PHC6588History & Systems of PH
PHC6591Repro & Perinatal Epidemiology
PHC6593Prof Devel in Genetic Counsel
PHC6701Comp Appl for PH Researchers
PHC6705Formative Res Meth Soc Mktg
PHC6708Evaluation & Research Methods
PHC6722Lab Rotations in GH Res
PHC6757Population Assessment 2
PHC6760Research Mth PH Programs
PHC6761Global Health Assessment Strat
PHC6765International Health Education
PHC6907Independent Study: Pub Hlth
PHC6911Clinical Research I
PHC6915Clinical Research III
PHC6930Public Health Seminar
PHC6934Adv Programming in SAS
PHC6934Applied Clinical Genetics
PHC6934Base Programming in SAS
PHC6934Case Studies & Topic Med Gene
PHC6934Community Application of PH
PHC6934Epi of Alzheimerís Disease
PHC6934Forensic Epi
PHC6934Global and Planetary Health
PHC6934Global Health Security
PHC6934Haz Mats and Comm in Workplace
PHC6934Human Error & Patient Safety
PHC6934Medical Terminology
PHC6934Structured Prog & Comp Analy
PHC6940Clinical Pract in Genetic Coun
PHC6941MHA Internship
PHC6943Integrated Learning Experience
PHC6945Supervised Field Experience
PHC6948Svc Lrn in Adol Beh Hth III
PHC6949Applied Practice Experiences
PHC6971Thesis: MSPH
PHC6977Special Project: MPH
PHC7019Occupational Epidemiology
PHC7058Biostatistical Inference II
PHC7059Adv Survival Data Anal
PHC7152Pol/Prac Comm&Fam Hlth Progrs
PHC7154Evidence informed PH I
PHC7198Advanced Qualitative Research
PHC7368Aerosol Technology in Ind Hyg
PHC7566PH Lab Safety and Security
PHC7583Community Health Promotion
PHC7703Advanced Research Methods
PHC7908Spec Study in Public Health
PHC7910Directed Research
PHC7919Public Health Doctoral Project
PHC7931Ethics Research &Dissemination
PHC7931GHIDR Journal Club
PHC7934Writing Scholarly Pub Hlth Sci
PHC7935Journal Club

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