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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHI1103Critical Thinking
PHI1401Science and Society
PHI1600Introduction To Ethics
PHI2010Introduction to Philosophy
PHI2101Introduction to Formal Logic
PHI2630Contemporary Moral Issues
PHI3130Formal Logic
PHI3633Biomedical Ethics
PHI3636Professional Ethics
PHI3640Environmental Ethics
PHI3700Philosophy of Religion
PHI4320Philosophy of Mind
PHI4905Directed Study
PHI4930Action Theory
PHI4930Modern Chinese Thought
PHI4930Philosophical German
PHI4930Religious Belief&Free Thought
PHI4930Seminar on Descartes
PHI4930Thought Experiments
PHI4938Philosophy Capstone Seminar
PHI5135Symbolic Logic
PHI6305Seminar in Epistemology
PHI6506Seminar in Metaphysics
PHI6908Directed Research
PHI6934Modern Chinese Thought
PHI6934Philosophical German
PHI6934Symbolic Logic
PHI6945Grad Instruction Methods
PHI6971Thesis: Master's
PHI7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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