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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHIL100Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL140Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL170Introduction to Logic
PHIL201Spooky Action at a Distance? Where Physics Meets Metaphysics
PHIL203The Rights and Wrongs of Killing People
PHIL209GPhilosophical Issues; Philosophy & Sports
PHIL220Bioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL220HBioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
PHIL261Philosophy of the Environment
PHIL282Free Will & Determinism
PHIL308YStudies in Contemporary Philosophy; Philosophy of Race
PHIL309PPhilosophical Problems; Philosophy Politics and Economics
PHIL318BStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; The Wisdom of Crowds
PHIL318DStudies in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Philosophy & Chomsky's Linguistics
PHIL320Modern Philosophy
PHIL328CStudies in the History of Philosophy; Confucian Philosophy
PHIL360Philosophy of Language
PHIL366Philosophy of Mind
PHIL386Experiential Learning
PHIL408QTopics in Contemporary Philosophy; Virtue
PHIL418CTopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; We're in this Together: Minds, Morality and Getting Along
PHIL418ETopics in Epistemology/Metaphysics; Causes and Conditionals
PHIL443Moral Psychology
PHIL445Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL470Logical Theory
PHIL498FTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL498GTopical Investigations; Topical Investigation
PHIL640Value Theory
PHIL788GResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL788IResearch in Philosophy; Research in Philosophy
PHIL799Master's Thesis Research; Masters Thesis Research
PHIL828KSeminar in the History of Philosophy
PHIL848MSeminar in Ethics
PHIL848NSeminar in Ethics
PHIL858PSeminar in Logic and Philosophy of Sciences
PHIL888Professional Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL889Pedagogical Mentoring for Doctoral Students
PHIL898Pre-Candidacy Research
PHIL899Doctoral Dissertation Research; Doctoral Dissertation Research

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