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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHYS101Introductory Physics
PHYS102Introductory Physics
PHYS105Conceptual Physics
PHYS111General Physics
PHYS112General Physics
PHYS114Physics 111 Lab Alternative
PHYS191First Year Seminar
PHYS301Computational Physics
PHYS331Theoretical Mechanics 1
PHYS333Electricity & Magnetism 1
PHYS341Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHYS451Introductory Quantum Mechanics
PHYS471Solid State Physics
PHYS490Teaching Practicum
PHYS496Senior Thesis:Capstone
PHYS611Intro Mathematical Physics
PHYS634Electromagnetism 2
PHYS651Quantum Mechanics 1
PHYS725Adv Atomic/Molecular Physics 1
PHYS761Statistical Mechanics
PHYS771Intro Solid State Physics
PHYS773Collective Phenomena in Solids
PHYS781Principles of Plasma Physics
PHYS799Graduate Colloquium

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