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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

THET110Introduction to the Theatre
THET116Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THET222Foundations of Acting and Performance
THET223Text and Context in Western Theatre
THET274Introduction to Stage Management
THET284Stage Costume Construction I
THET285The Art of Communication and Presentation
THET286Experiential Learning I
THET293Black Theatre and Performance I
THET310Voice for the Actor I
THET324Character Development
THET325Actor's Process I
THET328MSpecial Topics in Intermediate Theatre and Performance; Introduction to Musical Theatre
THET330Play Directing I
THET340Playwriting I
THET363The Business of the Business
THET371Scenic Design I
THET385Media Design
THET386Experiential Learning
THET390History of Theatre I
THET399Independent Study
THET408ISeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; True Storytelling & Narratives of Cultural Identity
THET408USeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Theatre About Show Business
THET408XSeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Performing Latin(x) America
THET411Voice for the Actor II
THET424Movement II: Advanced Studies in Movement and Mask Theatre
THET428LSpecial Topics in Advanced Theatre and Performance; Advanced Techniques Lighting Design: Programming
THET428OSpecial Topics in Advanced Theatre and Performance; Photoshop
THET429Actor's Studio
THET473Rendering for the Theatre II
THET477Design Studio in Lighting
THET481Theatre Graphics II: Computer Assisted Design
THET489PSpecial Topics in Theatre History from 1800 to Present; Shakespeare in Performance
THET499Independent Study
THET499BIndependent Study; Figure Drawing
THET600Introduction to Graduate Research Methods
THET606Teaching Theatre
THET608ISeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; True Storytelling & Narratives of Cultural Identity
THET608VSeminar: Theory and Performance Studies; Performance, Violence and Memory in the Americas
THET614Ethnography and Performance
THET639Advanced Design Studio in Scenery
THET649Advanced Design Studio in Costume
THET659Advanced Design Studio in Lighting
THET669Independent Study
THET669DIndependent Study; Advanced Media Design
THET669FIndependent Study; Figure Drawing
THET669PIndependent Study; Photoshop
THET669WIndependent Study; Devised Work Collaboration
THET679Advanced Design Studio in Multimedia and Projection Design
THET700Introduction to Graduate Research Methods
THET711Critical Theory
THET788Master's Tutorial
THET789Master's Practicum
THET799Master's Thesis Research
THET888Doctoral Practicum in Theatre
THET889Doctoral Tutorial in Theatre
THET898Pre-Candidacy Research
THET899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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